Chloe is a Project Coordinator with the Department of Critical Care Medicine at the University of Calgary. She received her MSc in Community Health Sciences from the University of Calgary. In her current role she coordinates Dr. Parsons Leighs research programs:   Socio-Cultural Implications of COVID-19: Educating, Engaging & Empowering the Public, Developing a Framework for the De-Adoption of Low-Value Clinical Practices in Acute Care Facilities and Establishing Stakeholder Priorities for the Development and Implementation of Strategies to Support Gender Equity in Critical Care Medicine.

Position/Title: Project Coordinator

Institution: University of Calgary

Department: Critical Care Medicine


Link to Institutional Profile:

Areas of Expertise: Qualitative methods, health services research. patient and family-oriented research

Select Publications: 

de Grood C, Job McIntosh C, Boyd JM, Zjadewicz K, Parsons Leigh J, Stelfox HT.  Identifying essential elements to include in Intensive Care Unit to hospital ward transfer summaries: a consensus methodology. 2019. Journal of Critical Care. 49:27-32.

Parsons Leigh J*, de Grood C*,Ahmed SB, Ulrich AC, Fiest KM, Straus SE, Stelfox HT. Towards gender equity in critical care medicine: a qualitative study of perceived drivers, implications and strategies. 2019. Critical Care Medicine. 47(4):e286-e291.

de Grood C, Parsons Leigh J, Bagshaw SM, Dodek PM, Fowler RA, Forster AJ, Boyd JM, Stelfox HT. Patient, family, and provider experiences with Intensive Care Unit to hospital ward transfers: A multi-centre qualitative study. 2018. CMAJ, 190(22):E669-E676.