Dr. Darryl Rolfson

Dr. Darryl Rolfson graduated in medicine at the University of Alberta in 1993 and completed residencies in Internal Medicine in 1996 and Geriatric Medicine in 1998. Dr. Rolfson is currently a Professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of Alberta.  He is a specialist in Geriatric Medicine, with a research interest in frailty, especially in the older adults.  In 2001, Dr. Rolfson developed the Edmonton Frail Scale or EFS, which is an internationally recognized multidimensional frailty measure.  Dr. Rolfson is actively involved in the implementation of frailty measures in acute care and community-based settings.  He seeks to enhance the care experience for older adults who live with frailty, now and in the future.

Position/Title: Professor of Geriatric Medicine

Institution: University of Alberta

Department: Medicine

Email: darryl.rolfson@ualberta.ca


Link to Institutional Profile: https://www.ualberta.ca/medicine/about/people/D-Rolfson

Copy of Current CV: Download

Areas of Expertise: Frailty, Measurement

Names of Current Grants/Project Titles:

2019 Critical Care SCN Systematic Review Grant/ Frailty inclusive care pathways in acute and community-based care

Select Publications: 

Montgomery CL, Zuege DJ, Rolfson, DB, Opgenorth D, Hudson D, Stelfox, HT, Bagshaw SM.  Implementation of Population-level Screening for Frailty Among Patient Admitted to Adult Intensive Care in Alberta, Canada.  Can J Anaesth 2019 May 29 DOI:10.1007/s12630—19-01414-8 [Epub ahead of print]


Rolfson D.  Successful Aging and Frailty: A Systematic Review.  Geriatrics 2018 Nov 15;3(4) DOI: 10.3390/geriatrics3040079. Review.


Rolfson DB, Heckman GA, Bagshaw SM, Robertson D, Hirdes JP.  Implementing Frailty Measures in the Canadian Healthcare System.  J Frailty Aging 2018;7(4):208-216. 


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Montgomery, CL, Rolfson, DB, & Bagshaw, SM. Frailty and the Association Between Long-Term Recovery After Intensive Care Unit Admission. Critical Care Clinics. 2018 Oct;34(4):527-547. doi: 10.1016/j.ccc.2018.06.007. Epub 2018 Aug 11. Review.


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Bagshaw SM, Stelfox HT, Johnson JA, McDermid RC, Rolfson DB, Tsuyuki RT, Ibrahim Q, Majumdar SR. Long-Term Association Between Frailty and Health-Related Quality-of-Life Among Survivors of Critical Illness: A Prospective Multi-Centre Cohort Study. Crit Care Med 2015 May;43(5):973-82. doi: 10.1097/CCM.0000000000000860.


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