CIHR COVID-19 Rapid Research Funding Awarded


PI: Dr. Kirsten Fiest

Title: Understanding and managing the effects of COVID-19 restricted visitation policies on the families and healthcare providers of critically ill patients

Competition: Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR) COVID-19 Rapid Research Funding

Total Funding Award: $298,769

Funding Term: 2020-2021

In response to COVID-19, hospitals in Canada have taken precautions to keep patients, families and healthcare providers safe, including enacting temporary visitor restrictions such as no visitor policies. With these temporary visitor restriction policies, healthcare providers are conducting difficult patient care discussions with family members (e.g., goals of care and medical decision making) over the phone. The current study will rigorously develop evidence-informed consensus statements to support family members and healthcare providers of critically ill patients to cope with temporary visitor restrictions. The impact of this new knowledge will translate into improved health for hospitalized Canadians, family members and healthcare providers affected by COVID-19 temporary visitor restrictions.