Recipients for the 2018 CC SCN New Investigator Seed Grant Competition

1) Dr. Braedon McDonald (PI) & Dr. Kathy McCoy (Co-PI) from University of Calgary

Braedon McDonald

Project Title: Microbiota-Immune Interactions and Critical Illness Outcomes in the
Intensive Care Unit (MicroICU) – A Pilot Study
This is a pilot study that aims to understand how gut microbiota dysbiosis impacts
immune function and susceptibility to infections in critical illness. The objectives of this
study are (1) to characterize the dynamic changes of gut microbiota composition over the
course of ICU admission and determine the relationships with immune phenotype over
time, and (2) to investigate the relationships between microbiota composition, immune
(dys) function, and clinical outcomes (nosocomial infections and organ dysfunction) in
critically ill patients.

2) Dr. Tanya Mudry (PI) & Dr. Christiane Job McIntosh (Co-PI) from University of Calgary


Project Title: A Recovery-Oriented Counselling Group: Supporting Physical, Emotional
and Social Recovery Processes of Critical Care Patients in the ICU Recovery Clinic
The purpose of this pilot project is to develop and evaluate a recovery-oriented
counselling group to support the physical, emotional, and social recovery processes of
critical care survivors who access the services of the Calgary ICU Recovery Clinics. This

project will serve as an initial phase in establishing a clinical training collaboration
between Werklund School of Education, The Cumming School of Medicine Department
of Critical Care Medicine, and Alberta Health Services ICU Recovery Clinic.

3) Dr. Danijela Piskulic (PI) from University of Calgary

Dr Danijela Piskulic

Project Title: Feasibility of implementing a patient-oriented discharge summary in the
The purpose of this research is to adapt and implement a patient-oriented discharge
summary (PODS) tool. The project has two main objectives, which are: 1) to engage
patient advisors in the PODS content design suitable for the ICU context and the process
of discharge from the ICU; and 2) to improve a patient’s/caregiver’s experience of
transitions in care through education and confidence building to manage their care post-