Dr Gilfoyle is a Clinical Assistant Professor (Major Part-Time) of Paediatrics at the University of Calgary. She is a practicing paediatric intensive care physician, researcher and research program director at the PICU at Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary. She received her M.D. from the University of Western Ontario, General Paediatrics Residency at the University of Western Ontario, Paediatric Critical Care Medicine Residency at McGill University and MMEd at the University of Dundee. Her research program focuses on team performance during paediatric resuscitation. She studies teams in both the simulation laboratory and during real events. 

Position/Title: Clinical Assistant Professor (Major Part-Time)

Institution: University of Calgary

Department: Paediatrics

Email: elaine.gilfoyle@ahs.ca

Current Lab Members: Amanda Deacon (PhD student), Dailys Garcia Jorda (Research Assistant), Carol Rizkalla (Summer Student)

Link to Institutional Profile: https://research4kids.ucalgary.ca/profiles/elaine-gilfoyle


Copy of Current CV: Download

Areas of Expertise: Pediatric Critical Care, Resuscitation, Team Training, Simulation-Based Education

Names of Current Grants/Project Titles:

2017/5 – 2019/4: Improving patient safety during pediatric resuscitation: Team performance and error.

2016/7 – 2020/6: SQUEEZE Trial - a trial to determine whether septic shock reversal is quicker in pediatric patients randomized to an early goal directed fluid sparing strategy vs. usual care.

2017/2 – 2020/1: Evolution of infection markers in children with severe bacterial infections.

2014/10 – 2019/9: The Canadian Critical Care Trials Group.

2015/6 – 2019/5: Quantifying brain injury on computed tomography in hospitalized children: A prospective trial.

2015/11 – 2018/10: Consolidating tools for outcomes in resuscitation (CONTOUR).

2015/10 – 2018/9: Transfusion-Related Acute Lung Injury (TRALI) and delayed TRALI - a prospective study in critically ill children.

2017/4 – 2018/3: Family Presence During Resuscitation - A Needs Assessment.

2014/10 – 2017/9: A National biobank and database for patients with traumatic brain injury.