Jamie Boyd is a Research Associate in the Department of Critical Care Medicine. Her primary role focuses on the operational management of Dr. Stelfox’s health services research program at the University of Calgary. She is also completing a Masters degree in Health Services Research, Community Health Sciences (Supervisor: Tom Stelfox). Her thesis work focuses on developing risk models to predict readmission or death following patient discharge from an adult general system intensive care unit.

Position/Title: Research Associate & Masters Student 

Institution: University of Calgary

Department: Critical Care Medicine & Community Health Science

Email: jamboyd@ucalgary.ca

Supervisor(s): Dr. Tom Stelfox  


Link to Institutional Profile: http://w21c.org/research/research-team

Copy of Current CV: Download

Areas of Expertise: Critical Care, Health Services Research, Knowledge Translation, Mixed Methods, Consensus Methods, Health Research Ethics, Research Management

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