2018 CIHR Project Grant AWARDED for the PEPTIC Study

CIHR Project Grant Awarded July 2018

PI: Dr. Sean Bagshaw

Co-Applicants:T. Caulfield, P. Oxland, P.Young, C. Job McIntosh, J. Parsons Leigh, D. Zuege, T. Nguyen, O. Rewa, S. van Diepen, D. Niven, H. Stelfox

Title: A Pragmatic Cluster, Randomized, Crossover, Registry-Embedded Clinical Trial of Proton Pump Inhibitors vs. Histamine-2 Receptor Blockers for Stress Ulcer Prophylaxis Therapy in the Intensive Care Unit (PEPTIC Study).

Competition: Project Grant

Total Funding Award: $317,475

Funding Term: 2 Years

The PEPTIC study is a multinational competitively-funded trial and Canada is poised to provide a substantial contribution. PEPTIC will provide high-quality robust evidence on the best default approach to Stress Ulcer Prophylaxis (SUP) in the ICU, a ubiquitous care process subject to wide practice variation. The findings of the PEPTIC study will be widely generalizable and directly translatable to bedside practice to improve not only the quality of care, but also contribute to improved patient outcomes and/or greater realized value in the healthcare system. PEPTIC will provide high value information. Importantly, PEPTIC will profile a novel and innovative trial methodology (i.e., cluster-crossover randomization; registry-based data capture; waiver of consent) and leverage key provincial stakeholders to expand research capacity for future large-scale pragmatic trials of low-risk care processes in ICU settings in Alberta and Canada. PEPTIC will showcase how pragmatic trials can rapidly and efficiently deliver new knowledge to guide and transform health care delivery. This work will also engage patients and families to seek their perspectives to understand and align their values with health system innovation and promote transformative advances in ICU research in Canada.