CIHR Catalyst Grant Funding Awarded for Venting Wisely

PI: Dr. Ken Parhar
Co-Investigators: Dr. Sean Bagshaw, Dr. Tom Stelfox, Dr, Daniel Niven, Dr.
Kirsten Fiest

Title: Minimizing Variation in Care and Improving Outcomes in Critically Ill
patients with respiratory failure through implementation and Evaluation of an
Evidence-based Care Pathway

Competition: CIHR Catalyst Grant – Patient-Oriented Research

Total Funding Award: $600,524

Funding Term: 2020-2023

The objective of this research is to implement a comprehensive evidence-based,
stakeholder-informed, management pathway for all patients treated with mechanical
ventilation in all ICUs in Alberta. Clinical best practices are one of the four main
strategic directions of the Critical Care SCN, with one of the main priority areas focusing
on optimal ventilation strategies.