PRIHS 5 Funding Awarded for Don’t Misuse My Blood

PI: Dr. Daniel Niven
Co-Investigator: Dr. Dan Zuege

Title: Don’t Misuse My Blood: Reducing Avoidable Blood Tests and Avoidable
Blood Transfusions in Patients admitted to Critical Care and High-risk Surgical
Units in Alberta

Competition: PRIHS 5 and Choosing Wisely Alberta

Total Funding Award: $751,654

Funding Term: 2020-2023

The main objectives of this line of research are to reduce avoidable blood tests and
avoidable blood transfusions in patients admitted to ICU settings and high-risk surgical
units in Alberta. This judicious use of blood products will also aim to improve the patient
experience, reduce avoidable adverse events attributed to blood, enhance the security
of our blood supply, and translate to a substantial cost savings for the health system.